Dining in Venice by Robert Jacob

The majority of the cuisine to be found in Venice is typical of the Adriatic coast and this Northern part of Italy ,but while Venice is lucky to have fishes on its doorstep, the catch is small and seasonal. Emphasis is on fresh fish, shellfish and of course a thousand and one ways to prepare pasta.

However for Centuries Venice ruled the seas and established substancial trade and relationships with the Orient. This mutual exchange of ideas and culture, significantly marked the lifestyle , tastes and flavours of Venetian cuisine. And there is no better place to experience this than at The Danieli, in the unique setting of  La Terrazza Danieli Restaurant  where Chef Dario Parascandolo revisits this heritage and brings it to a new era, assembling a journey through the discovery of flavours. Using indigenous and fresh ingredients that follows the rhythm of the seasons, he delivers a truly remarkable culinary pathway. With the magical views that this roof top restaurant offers, it is sure to make your dining experience a memorable one.  

The menu offers some traditional Venetian possibilities , such as Hand made Maccheroncini pasta with Sant Erasma artichoke, crispy bacon and black truffle  or Laguna eel glazed with anchovy sauce , zuchinni flowers and radicchio.

The Grilled Octopus with Dill  was just out of this world. I love Octopus and this was no disappointment. It was tender and succulent. The dill soup with its deep vibrant colour and depth of flavour ,was  subtle, as dill can sometime overpower, here it was perfectly controlled. It was brilliantly fresh and anyone would have been quite happy to be served  just that  as a starter on this warm summer evening.

Gorgonzola Ravioli with creamed turnip, swiss chard and red onion compote was another success. Each little pocket of this delicate and light pasta was a glorious mouthful.

Alapago lamb with artichoke heart, bassano asparagus, herb and mustard gelato .The lamb was exqusitely succulent and a depth of primal meatiness that I’ve rarely ever tasted before.  It was one of the best lamb dishes, I have ever eaten and I have eaten many.

Veal liver, Annurca apple stuffed with braised cabbage was beautifully balanced , complete and racy at the same time.

Sheepmilk cheesecake with wild forest fruits was not my favourite , the texture was strange but yet  interesting. Again I must confess to have never been a great lover of Cheesecake but my wife  loved it and the plate was cleaned at the blink of an eye.

Renette apple tarte tatin with cinnamon gelato on the other hand was a stunning dessert. What I loved about it is that while it was simple , the combination of apple and cinnamon backdropped with the burnt caramel was perfect.

Harry’s Bar has something special that makes all those who visit want to return. It offers traditional Venetian cuisine upstairs in the restaurant and you have to try Harry’s famous Bellini in the bar downstairs.

Spinach and Cheese ravioli with sage was a a vert tasty dish , packed with flavours.

Octopus and ganbas prima with julienne of fennel , green apple and pickled green apples was a first course that glorified the Adriatic coast and Mediterranean lands in general. It was simple but perfectly seasoned and fresh.

Butterfly Veal melted like butter in the mouth .

Ossobucco with creamed saffron polenta was a dish I just had to have once more as I first tasted this dish In Harry’s Bar some 25 years ago and the memory has remained with me always and started my love for Ossobucco, a dish I like to cook myself during winter months. I was not disappointed as it was still a winner.

Lemon & Vanilla meringue gateaux was a sinfully good. A really good dessert always make you glad you ordered it and this lemon & vanilla meringue gateaux accomplised it for me. In hindsight, I didnt think I wanted a dessert but when it came, my goodness!  was I glad I ordered it !

Cafe Florian  was alas a great disappointment. It is a big attraction for tourists. The menu was by no means interesting , very pricey and service was atrocious. The Shrimp salad which took for ever to arrive was tasteless . It you have to visit, Opt for Tea and cake , you will get better value for your money and probably enjoy it more while listening to the live piano player.

Cipriani offers a fine dining restaurant as well as Bar Gabbiano by the pool which is a cool place for lunch and the food is very good .

Tartare of Tuna


The configuration of the area of Campo S. Angelo to Campo S. Stefano, with its smallcobblestone streets  reminiscing of the past , opening on quaint little fondamenta and historic bridges towards the Academia has lots of places on offer to eat. Ditch the map and follow your nose for there are many great places ready to be discovered in this mixed neighbourhood.

A Beccafico is a popular place serving very tasty Crostinis with your cocktails or aperitif . It is very popular with locals so make sure to book.

Mediterranean Seabass crudo with green apples & Peruvian black pepper  was very fresh and the seasoning was beautifully balanced.

Scallops with Madderia & Pine nuts was a simple dish but the Scallops were perfectly cooked. Sometimes a scallop needs to be just a scallop and the Italians sure know that.

Veal Scallops in Marsalla wine & Salcia was very tender with an exceptional capacity to absorb the full flavours of the Marsalla wine.

Sardines skewers with lemon was complete and racy at the same time. Again simple yet very tasty offering  all the flavours of the lagoon.

And if you are in the mood to discover more great cooking ,take the vaporetto to Burano, pop over the bridge to Mazzorbo and visit Venissa, a  Michelin *restaurant that serves the most accomplished food you’ll eat in Venice. Alas my battery was down so  I was unable to take pictures but there will be without doubt a next time in the very near future.  

fino alla prossima volta. X


Restaurant Terrazza Danieli                                                            Harry’s Bar

Riva degli Schiavoni ; 4196                                                              Calle Vallaresso ; 1323

Venezia. 30124                                                                                  San Marco. 30124

00 39 041 522 6480                                                                          00 39 041 528 5777


Cafe Florian                                                                                       Cipriani

Piazza San Marco ; 57                                                                      Guidecca ;10

Venezia .30124                                                                                  Venezia. 30133

00 39 041 520 5641                                                                          00 39 041 240 801


A Beccafico                                                                                        Venissa

Campo S.Stefano; 2801                                                                 Fondamenta di Santa Caterina; 3

Venezia . 30124                                                                               Mazzorbo. 30124

00 39 041 527 4879                                                                        00 39 041 527 2281