Pickle from Chef Sunil Ghai

Pickle  on Camden street  with Chef  Sunil Ghai at the helm, has been a hit since it opened in 2016. 

 Sunil Ghai boasts an impressive array of awardsfrom his time as Executive Chef at Ananda in Dundrum. The very skilled and creative Chefcontinues to delight us in his new restaurant bychallenging our perception of what Indian Cuisine should be. This time around, it is about about North Indian street food, the type of food that would normally be cooked at home . Well, if street food tastesthis good, I would gladly give up all the luxuries of the world to eat his kind of food every day.

However Pickle is not so much your typical Indian curry house but rather a more upmarket version with the likes of Venison, Guinea fowl, Lobster and Wild boar on the menu.

Using predominantly Indian flavours and traditional cooking methods but no more so as in keeping with his creative goals, his approach is most of all focused on pure clean flavours and seasonal produce and it is what Sunil Ghai does best, cooking simple ingredients  and reinventing them into something magical and making it his own.

A starter of Curried Scallops Bombay, bhel ka tadka with green tomato chutney @€10 was simply presented but they shone like jewels and you couldn't but resist the urge but to pluck them off thestainless steel plate and put them in your mouth. It was the right move as they were silky, sweet and succulent on the tongue, the bhel ka tadka  , a stapleNorth Indian street food consisting of  a mixture of puffed rice, chana dal and pomegranate seeds was equally delicious on its own and  offered contrasting textures with a balance of flavours, in making the scallops  a perfect mouthful.

The Tandoori Lamb chop with ginger & fennel, smoked aubergine and strawberry green chilli chutney@ €13  on the other hand, was a robust dish, spicy, bold and full of flavours. With the fruity chutneys and smoked aubergine it was a real treat.

Not far behind was the Irish sea lobster poached in turmeric & ginger curry, masala duck egg bhurji and tawa parantha €32

The lobster meatmelted like butter in the mouth but the sauce alone won me over for it's wonderful depth of flavour and creaminess.

With a garnish of fresh spring onions to reintroduce a lightness and freshness, this dish was just so good that Curries couldn't  get any better than this  and it was served with the most delicious parantha.

The Goat mince curry with shallots, garlic, black cardamom with home made pao bread @€21

was surprisingly a light dish whose simplicity belies it's full flavour.  It was tender, beautifully cooked yet indulgent. A perfect way to savour this meat that requires a long slow cooking process. Thin slivers of red  onions was there to sweetenand tame the green chillies. The Pao, a Bengali type of brioche was ideal to mop up all this deliciousness .

To say that this dish was simply delicious would be an understatement and injustice. It was sublime, and  I am still dreaming about this dish .

Butter chicken with fenugreek, ginger and cardamom butter naan €20 was delicate in flavour but absolutely beautiful as well.

The chicken was tender yet indulgent with the generous use of eye watering mustard seeds.The sauce was tangy and spicy as it is meant to be,  while some of the freshness of the Coriander was sacrificed at the alter of flavour, it's fragrant aroma was still in evidence.The wonderful depth of flavours and creaminess simply relied on the relevant marinade while the fenugreek added background but did not overpower.

A warm  Chocolate tart and icecream  was sinfully good.

It was silky , creamy, gooey and not overtly sweet. What's not to love !!

This was a perfect meal and evening. Without doubt, we can expect to see many great things from Sunil Ghai and they will undoubtedly be unexpected yet wonderful .

Pickle has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, welcoming staff and without say " Superlative food ", the memory of whichstill lingers the following day making you yearning for more.

Pickle Restaurant
43, Camden street lower

Dublin 2

Tel : 01 - 5557755